Dragon PX

Dragon PX is based on the Dragon Elite platform with its original high performance illumination block and equipped with Spark™ detection engine. This system is capable of scanning minimum 30 µm line/space width and is the AOI of choice of large number of diverse PCB makers worldwide. 

Dragon PX is powered by Spark™ - an innovative cross-platform detection engine.

Dragon PX

System Highlights

  • Upgradeable from older Dragon models
  • Robust structure
  • Valve-based vacuum table
  • Original Dragon illumination block
  • 64 bit based firmware
  • Powerful processors to handle high density PCB
  • Compatible with front or back L/U automation
  • Simple and quick setting for new jobs

Optional Features

MI - Micro Inspection and Metrology
MZ - Multi Zone
MS - Multi Step
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LAM 868-F is specially designed for high-end & high-technology Large Area Masks (LAM) and artwork inspection. It offers unparalleled detection ability on LAM down to 12.5 μm line/space width technology.

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Phoenix FLEX is designed for flexible PCBs of all types. The system's new optical technology MicrolightTM provides flexible light coverage by combining superior image acquisition and customizable detection requirements.

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Orion Elite

Designed for High-end PCB and IC Substrate manufacturers at high-volume production sites, the Orion Elite is equipped with advanced technology innovations while taking advantage of the Orion series accumulated, field proven experience.